BabyHarmony Whitepaper

BabyHarmony has a mission. Bring DeFi to the masses.  

Decentralized finance, which utilizes technologies to remove
intermediaries, middlemen, and banks from financial markets, is a complicated system to enter into.

The first step towards achieving accessibility is to create the BabyHarmony token.

BABYHARMONY PHASE 1 (Launch 16.10)

It is an innovative Reflection Token, one that pays dividends in an already established token instead of our own. The Dividends are realized by a tax on every transaction on the Token Network.

In Phase 1 there was a 10% Tax on buys and sells:
-7% is redistributed to holders in $ONE
-2% goes to the Marketing Budget
-1% is added automatically to the Liquidity

BABYHARMONY PHASE 2 (Deployment 25.10)

1.As you know the inherent problem with reflection tokens is the sell-pressure created by the contract, for selling tokens to reward holders.
2.Also the redistributing of hourly trading volume is extremely volatile and short-term oriented

But we aim for nothing less than true financial freedom. That means passive income must be regular and also constantly increasing.


As of now we have implemented an additional Reward, called the POOL REWARD SYSTEM.

-The total tax for Buy and Sells is increased from 10% to 12%
-2% are sent daily to a Staking Pool (average interest rate 50%)
-2/3 of the rewards of the Pool are sent to holders in $ONE
-1/3 are reinvested in the Pool
-Rewards are sent automatically every 24h in $ONE

That means we are the FIRST Token with guaranteed rewards independently of price and daily Volume. And since 1/3 is being reinvested those rewards are growing indefinitely. That is an integrated FAILSAFE.

NFT Marketplace for Passive Income NFTs (Release November – December)

We have developed a feature for an NFT Marketplace exclusive for Passive Income NFTs. It will revolutionize the NFT space, since there are no Markets that supports Reward system for NFT Holders. Usually Markets keep the royalties for themselves.

We will provide a place for these NFTs that supports their reward systems and redistribute the Rewards/Royalties to holders, Creators or first minters/buyer.

A 1% tax on all NFT sales will be redistributed to BabyHarmony Holders. In exchange the BabyHarmony Team will provide funds and support for new artists 

We will  provide artists with the tools to Mint their NFTs with innovative Royalty system and integrate the POOL REWARD SYSTEM into the Royalty/fee System as an option. This allows artists and investors alike to take part in Pool-Staking while investing in art and get constant and growing rewards

PHASE 3 (Release December – January)

The POOL REWARD SYSTEM will be a fully independent Pool Management Service that manages the pooled Assets. It aims at getting the greatest rewards in the SAFEST POOLS in the DeFi Space.

The reason for this, is that we want to go much further:


As you know Staking Pools in the DeFi provide interest rates unknown in the classical Banking World.

-We will not only provide access to all users, to BUY BabyHarmony (12% Tax)  with our APP and earn passive income paid in $ONE…

-We will more importantly provide access with our APP for everyone to invest and stake in Liquidity Pools in the DeFi Space. The interest rates of 50-70% per year provide automatically increasing daily rewards, while their assets are safely managed by the Pool Management Service.

-Rewards are sent automatically to your wallet every 24h
-Rewards can be paid in any Crypto supported by BSC or in $DOLLARS to your Bank account (supporting IBAN/SEPA or Paypal)
-Assets can be withdrawn any moment. If withdrawing within 72h there is 1% extra fee.
-There is a 1% fee for deposits and Withdrawals.
-There is 3% performance fee/tax on rewards. 1% gets redistributed to BabyHarmony holders

As of now 80% of assets in the POOL REWARD SYSTEM are invested in the Pancake Syrup Pool with a yearly interest rate of about 50-60%.
20% are invested in a $ONE Harmony Staking Pool with a yearly interest rate of 10%.

Token information:

95% of Tokens are PANCAKESWAP
5% Developer Wallet
DEV Wallet is basically locked forever and only there to receive rewards and pay for the Team

Network : Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20)

Name: BabyHarmony


Contract address: Released at launch

Decimals: 18

Total Supply: 100,000,000,000

Team Wallet: Locked and vested minimum 12 months

Thank you for your interest in BabyHarmony.


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